I am an Orienteer and Engineer based in Nelson, New Zealand. I relish the technical demands and the great people that are intrinsic to the sport of orienteering. It has been a massive part of my life since I started when I was 10 years old.


Full name |  Matt Leo Ogden
Other names | Mats Ogdén, mogd001
Sports | Orienteering, Trail Running
Email | mogd001@gmail.com
Weight | 72 kg
Height | 180 cm


Parents | Pauline and Kevin Ogden
Siblings | Ben, Nadija and Helayna Ogden


Clubs | Nelson Orienteering Club (NZL), North West Orienteering Club (NZL), OK Linné (SWE)
Compass | Str8 Original (Left Hand)


Tertiary | Masters of Civil Engineering 2018 (1st Class Honours), Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering 2013 (1st Class Honours)
Secondary | Massey High School 2009

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