NZ Orienteering Championships M21E, Auckland – Middle (1st), Long (1st), Sprint (2nd)
Loop the Lake Trail Race, Nelson – (1st)


NZ Orienteering Championships M21E, Levin – Long (1st), Middle (2nd), Sprint (2nd)
Three Peaks Trail Race, Dunedin – (1st)


Oceania Orienteering Championships, Victoria – Middle (9th), Long (25th)
NZ Orienteering Championships M21E, Oamaru – Sprint (1st), Middle (2nd), Long (4th)
Dun Trail Race, Nelson – (2nd)
Tussock Traverse Trail Race, Tongariro – (1st)
Nelson Half Marathon, Nelson – (3rd – 01:17:46)


WOC, Latvia – Long (39th), Middle (60th)
NZ Orienteering Championships M21E, Auckland – Middle (1st), Sprint (1st), Long (5th)
Ring of Fire Trail Race Relay, Tongariro – (1st) [with Gene Beveridge and Cameron Tier]
Speights West Coaster Trail Race, Auckland – (1st)
Devonport 15km, Auckland (1st – 00:55:45)


Oceania Orienteering Championships, Auckland – Middle (2nd), Long (2nd)
NZ Orienteering Championships M21E, Hawkes Bay – Long (1st), Middle (1st), Sprint (2nd)
Australian Orienteering Championships, Bathurst – Relay (1st), Middle (2nd), Sprint (3rd), Long (4th)


NZ Orienteering Championships M21E, Nelson – Middle (1st), Long (2nd), Sprint (2nd)
Australian Orienteering Championships, Queensland – Long (1st), Middle (2nd)
Goat Trail Race, Tongariro – (1st)


WOC, Scotland – Middle (26th), Long (46th)
WC1, Tasmania – Middle (13th), Long (26th)
Goat Trail Race, Tongariro – (3rd)


WOC, Italy – Long (52nd)
Sprint the Bay M21E, Hawkes Bay – Overall Victory
Tiomila, Sweden – Leg 10 (12th, 9th overall with OK Linne)
Swedish Championships, Uppsala – Middle A Final (38th)


NZ Orienteering Championships M21E, Christchurch – Long (1st), Middle (1st), Sprint (dsq)
Australian National Championships M21E, Canberra – Middle (3rd), Relay (2nd)


JWOC, Slovakia – Middle (1st), Long (14th), Sprint (10th), Relay (7th)
NZ Orienteering Championships M20, Auckland – Long (1st), Sprint (1st)


JWOC, Poland – Middle (15th), Long (30th), Sprint (21st), Relay (12th)


JWOC, Denmark – Middle (46th), Long (84th), Sprint (70th), Relay (13th)

JWOC 2012 Medal Ceremony
NZOC2021 Long Distance Prize Giving

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