My Orienteering Technique (revised 2023) from an engineer’s approach to navigation.

Past NZ JWOC Teams as collage of past NZ JWOC Teams I made for the paper JWOC team that competed at Queens Birthday, Christchurch – June 2021.

2021 ROW Insights a piece highlighting my thoughts on three very interesting legs from Riverhead Orienteering Weekend, Auckland – May 2021.

2020 AOS4 Write-up a course review of one of the best courses I ran in 2020.

2016 Mastering Woodhill a presentation as part of the WMOC training camp in Auckland.

2015 Ol i Sverige a presentation to NWOC at the club end of year function.

2015 Presentation a set of slides from when I was seeking mentorship from Thierry Georgiou.

2014 WUOC Interview

2013 Trimtex Sponsorship Update a mid-year summary during my final year of undergrad studies.

2012 Portugese Orienteering Blog Interview

2012 JWOC The Perfect Feeling a leg by leg breakdown of my JWOC gold medal winning middle distance race.

A sample of my custom trainings, feel free to contact me at if you would like to enquire about a custom training.