Uppsala Möte

This weekend I stayed at home in Uppsala and competed in some local races on Lunsen. Before this weekend I had not run on Lunsen, but it was a map that I was really looking forward to running on. It has been considered in the 101 maps you should run on before you die, so I was very interested to see how the terrain and map compared to others that I have experienced.


On the Thursday, Oskar, Albin, Joseph and I ran some very tough intervals. It was my first proper interval session that I have completed since arriving in Uppsala. The body performed quite well and I felt good, if not smashed, after the session. The Friday, I joined Oskar and Albin at the gym, and we did a nearly 2hr strength programme. This is something that I will be doing regularly, and I feel is something that has been lacking in my training in the past. To be able to run at speed, and to hold that speed, in the forest then sufficient strength needs to be developed in the legs and core. The  suiss runners are doing a lot of this kind of training, and with the Swedish twist that Oskar and Albin have put on it, I believe that I will be doing strength training that will be of most benefit to my orienteering.

Anyway, the Uppsala Möte consisted of a night, middle and long distance. I decided to only run the last two, as I am still trying to come to terms with the terrain in the day, let alone at night. The middle race I was really satisfied with, apart from two controls which cost me 1 minute 30 seconds. I finished in 8th position, however had the speed for the victory. The 13th control, where I missed the most, I think was a result of pushing quite hard into the finish and then not really having a plan in the circle.



In the long distance, I felt really tired. The terrain was a little bit more difficult than the middle, but was still manageable if my technique had been disciplined enough. I was quite tired from a good week of training and work, so I think this was the reason for the absence of focus. The performance was pretty ugly, but after I decided to take it easier following some major mistakes it was really enjoyable and I found a good flow in the Lunsen terrain. I think it will take a few more trainings in this terrain before I can be really comfortable at full speed, but today was just another orienteering lesson! Map.


So after running on Lunsen, more so today than yesterday, I really like the terrain! It is tricky, but the technique is quite straight forward. Hard on the compass, thumbing the map the whole time. It can be very difficult to relocate, so 100% focus is needed otherwise you can end up making some quite bad mistakes! I cant wait to get out there again and avenge my orienteering.

Next weekend is Tiomila! The temperature is suppose to plummet this week, so its going to be a cold weekend away. I am really looking forward to the race, and I think our team is looking really strong. It will be my first time running Tiomila, arguably one of the highlight events of the year. Bring it on! Hoo rah!



  1. Is it worth leaving the straight line to stay on high points? / Are there any micro route choices that you need to become proficient at?

    1. For the most part, it is optimal to stay on the red line. In some cases you should avoid the marshes and ‘larger’ hills, but the key things are focus and contact with the map. I am still learning what details I should be reading, back home we are reading everything, but here it is important to focus on the larger things – Simplification 101.

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